Lesson 1: Letting Go – Part of the Awakening Process

It was a beautiful spring morning and I had organized for a garage sales to sell some of my belongings. Things which I thought I won’t be needing when I move to Melbourne. As soon as I finished putting up the signage, people started flowing in which made me happy. A man, probably in his mid 40s, had his hair in a pony-tail, came up to me with my heavy-duty sticky tape dispenser and asked me how much I was selling it for.

I smiled and replied it wasn’t for sale. He said he found it in the pile of things that I had on sale. He said its ok and that he can find it elsewhere. Something told me to sell it so I told him he can have it. After all I won’t be needing it because I was planning on selling most of my things and take the rest with me in my car. And I didn’t see the use for that tape dispenser as I won’t be having any boxes.

He was glad. I let him have it for a dollar with the tape. While he was paying, he asked me if I am moving interstate and I said yes. He pointed to his head with his finger and said “to clear this?”. Deep inside I was shocked but I smiled and nodded. He said “good on you! you are doing well”. I was very glad to hear that. It felt like a reassurance from the Universe and the angels that I am doing the right thing.

So I decided to let go of everything…..or at least what I thought I was willing to let go. I even sold my expensive bakeware. It was not easy but I tried. The night before my drive to Melbourne, I realized I was still hoarding onto some unnecessary stuff. My car was jam packed.

And that is just a reflection of my emotional and psychological state. I know I am on the path to discovering my divine purpose but I have many emotional baggage to let go. Most of us might be unaware how much our emotional baggage weighs us down mentally and physically. I certainly wasn’t aware. Until this happened and maybe you might want to try imagining this.

Fill up your car with your personal belongings like your clothes, blankets, pillows, shoes and other essentials like your vacuum cleaner, crockery, etc which you think you will need when you want to start over again. Drive your car and park it some place which is 40 minutes away from where you are living.

Almost every moment can be emotionally and mentally tiring from worrying if your car will be safe. And traveling to that place where you have parked your car every other day just to make sure that it hasn’t been broken into or you haven’t received a fine, is mentally and physically exhausting.

We subconsciously hold on to our emotional baggage likewise. We park it somewhere and revisit it every now and then. We are so worried that it might be stolen or taken away from us because without it we do not know who we are.

It is the same reason why I am hoarding onto these things. Because without them I have nothing to show for. They tell my story. They define me. But that’s just a story. It is not truly who I am. I am, like every living thing on this planet, an energy, intelligence, soul, spirit or being that has taken this form to experience life. If I didn’t have the car filled with my baggage, I would have enjoyed Melbourne the very first day when I arrived.

Then I understood, I have to let go the old and unneeded to receive the new in my life. If I don’t then there is no space for the new. The first night when I arrived, I was supposed to join a friend for a party but I couldn’t go because I had no place to park my car. I had to find a parking spot for the night. If not risk getting a fine. So I didn’t join. How many times we let our emotional baggage from letting us realize our true potential? I would expect the answer to be numerous times.

Lesson 1 that I have learned is if I want to clear my head, I have to let go of my story and everything that defines me. I do not have to let go of everything that I own and be homeless but I keep what is necessary for the journey now and get rid of the rest. If need them then I can always get them later.

This whole experience of letting go of everything and moving to a new city, has been liberating. I am not going to lie. It has been stressful at times and I have been in tears. But luckily I have wonderful friends like Seema, Minzy, Molly & Karina who tell me that everything is going to be ok and keep reminding me to move forward in this journey that I have chosen. They are my angels. So you see letting go helps you to get rid of all the unnecessary in life and start new with what you really need. We accumulate the unnecessary when we are unconscious. When we start to awaken, that’s when we slowly let go of the unneeded and keep the ones that we really need to achieve our divine purpose.

For beings out there going through something similar like this, I just want to say never look back and never regret. We are doing the right thing. Love and Light xx


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