Lesson 3: Staying Positive

I know most of us would have experienced this. Being positive all the time is not possible. I am not sure if there is anyone in this world who stays positive every second of their life.

Without a job and a place to call home, one would think that it is not possible to stay positive all the time. It feels weird to say this but when I had stability in my life I was more fearful and negative as compared to now. At present I just go with the flow. When you let go of everything that you own and possess , both physically and mentally, and allow life take its course, you will see that there is nothing to fear or feel negative.

When staying present in stillness becomes a norm, fear and negativity will not have a place to grow. Accepting this moment as is, like Eckhart says, renders fear redundant. Just trusting that everything happens for a reason. Right this moment we can’t see why things are happening a certain way but in a few days, months or even in a years’ time we will understand why. Seema used to share this and I have to agree with her.

I regretted the fact that my sister and I are not talking anymore. I fell into depression. But if that didn’t happen I may not have started following Eckhart’s teachings. Even if I did his words wouldn’t have made a deep impact like it did when I sought for it. Getting back with my ex after 5 years seemed like an unwise decision. But if not for him I wouldn’t have moved anywhere and would have missed out on this remarkable journey.

I am sure many of you have such similar incidences that would have brought out the positive goodness in your life. Trust that the Universe will only bring you experiences that are needed for your highest good. My ex used to say that I should pick a day and spend that entire day not complaining and see how that feels. He has a point. The important thing is, people come into our lives to teach us something valuable for us to know. Every human interaction is a spiritual transaction.

Even right this moment, I am trying to learn a valuable lesson which I will share in the next blog. Till then may love and light be with you xx.




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