“I am a spirit having a human experience” – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.

Thank you for visiting this blog. It is a spiritual blog sharing my experiences as a spiritual wanderer who has embarked on this journey in finding and fulfilling my life purpose.

Everyone has a life purpose. Even you who are reading this. Our purpose in life is not to just go to school, get an education, get married, have kids, have a career and retire. That is only the human aspect to this journey. Being, starts with being in touch with our formless or spirit. That is being on a journey to seek out the Universal truths.

So I hope all of you who are reading this will find the lessons which I am gathering along the way useful. Please remember that every journey is different but the lessons will be the same. When I say journey, I am not talking about leaving everything behind and going on an expedition. This journey can be embarked upon from where you are right now.

I would like to thank all readers and followers. Thank you. And may love and light always be with you xx.

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